Monday, July 27, 2015

A Real Vacation (while on vacation)

Happy Monday, Friends!  I recently got back from my little vacation.  I met a couple of my teacher friends from my old school in CA, up in Seattle.  It was great seeing my old buds.  I have missed my friends a lot.  We went hiking at Multnomah Falls-amazing! The most treacherous hike I've ever done! I almost didn't think I was going to make it, but I did!  And that made me proud of myself for accomplishing something I would not have done on my own. Here are some pictures from the hike.

We had to cool our feet off in the stream. It was so cold, but extremely refreshing!

In Seattle, we did a lot of urban hiking. (and I mean A.LOT!!)  All in all, it was great to get away.


I still have a month before school starts, so I'm not really in the school frame of mind just yet.  I'll blog more once I start getting ready.  Until then, have a wonderful week, whatever you are doing.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Are you Periscoping?

Quick post today. Have you gotten on the biggest new social media craze? If not, you need to! Dive right in to Periscope. It's addicting and time consuming, if you let it be-which I have been lately...ohmygoodness. Must stop. Will stop.  Luckily for me, I'm off to Seattle and Portland for the week, so I won't be tethered to my phone or iPad. But, I highly recommend checking it out. It really is a ton of fun, and you can learn a lot from all those wonderful teachers out there in Periscope land!
Have a wonderful week.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Welcome Back Me!!

OMG!! Heavens to Betsy! Where have I been??  I'll tell you...NOT HERE blogging! Duh!

So, I don't know what happened to me-wait, yes I do! Last year, I had such a class! (I don't mean this in a good way, either). (insert "wah, wahh, wahh")  I had 3 boys who should NEVER have been put in the same class-E.V.E.R.!! So they sucked out TONS of my energy! (total Boo!)

That was problem numero uno.  Then, my darling husband who had started a new job last June, proceeded to lose that said job the beginning of December. (not his fault, really)  However, said darling husband landed himself a new job in February!! Yay! Except, this new job was in Oregon, so here lies problem numero dos: we packed our condo up, put that money pit on the market, and said "Hasta la vista, California!"  (But I came back to California after a week in Oregon setting up our rental house, as I had to finish out my school year with that "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" class.)  I was living out of a suitcase at my super wonderfully sweet friend's house for three months. Yeah...that was F.U.N.

Sooo...that's why I was majorly MIA for 8 (ohmyword!) months.

                                         's the thing. I've been rejuvenated and inspired! Have YOU been on Periscope yet? If not, you must give it a try! And find me and follow me. (@jmeln) I've been "periscope-sucked"! On there WAY.TOO.MUCH. oh iPhone6 battery isn't great to begin with, but now...yikes! It's all good, though, because it's so much fun!!  And all those AWESOME teachers have inspired me to get back on this blog! So here I am!  Thank you, Periscopers! Thank you small fish teacher tribe. Thank you third grade tribe.

All that being said, I hope to give it the ol' college try, yet again! 
See you soon! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!