Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is this Crazy??

Tell me if this is not the dumbest craziest thing you have heard of?  Our district got the community to pass a bond last year so now we have a (supposed) LOT of money.  It is supposed to be used for technology in the district, and for the schools, as well as structural things.  (second part of backstory) Our Foundation passed a grant in Dec. to get our teachers (3-6 grades) new laptops.  <our teacher laptops are 6 years old!!>  We should have gotten these by now, EXCEPT the district said, in Jan., that they are going to do this 3 yrs. roll out program to get ALL TEACHERS IN THE DISTRICT a new laptop. (sounds great!)  <present dilemma> They FINALLY sent out the email saying which schools are first to get laptops (yes, my school is included) and we got to pick Mac or PC, but...BIG CAVEAT HERE: in order to get the laptop, you are REQUIRED to attend 2 workshops-one being Computer Basics 101.  Granted, there is a Basic class and an Advanced class, but it's to show you how to work a laptop.  HELLO.... we've had our laptops for 6 years! Do they really think I don't know how to use it??  And these "trainings" are ALL DAY!  So I have to write sub plans for 2 days!!  UNBELIEVABLE! Right??

In case you're wondering, the money that was going to be spent by our Foundation goes back to Foundation.  We never spent the money. The check and order got put on hold when this all came to light.

Does anyone else have a ridiculous district?  What lame thing have they done?

BTW, thanks for listening to the rant.

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