Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reading in the Wild day #2

Book Study day two, and boy am I going to learn a thing or two from our hostess and everyone else! Click HERE to see what Jivey and everyone else does for their reading schedules.

So, I read and reread the section for today, "Creating a Workshop Schedule That Works for You", and here's my take.

Miller says we 'take on too much, then say we can't teach the right way. We make up excuses,' I read that and I thought, "Yikes! that was me last year!" I honestly felt like I couldn't teach a thing because my class wouldn't stop talking.  So nothing got done.  Miller says, "It is our implementation and management..." I know one of the things I need to work on for this coming year is my management for sure!  But I need to figure out the implementation, too.  I don't think I've REALLY thought about what I want to include in my reading time. At my school, we really have the freedom to do what we want. We don't have pull-outs, except for our RSP students, and that teacher works with us for scheduling. (I haven't had any RSP students for a while, but I think I'm getting 1 or 2 this year).  But, other than that, we teach how we want.  Our biggest block of time is in the morning, so most of us do our Language Arts then.  We get 2 hours before recess. This is when I  focus on reading and grammar.  I would love to try a more Reader's Workshop approach, though, and I think that would help with my "implementation" problem.  So, this has been my struggle. However, this book has opened my mind to some new ideas.  Actually, this book study, reading what everyone else does, has opened my eyes.  Thank you, new friends!


  1. Ack! I'm so jealous of you with your two hours and your freedom to create a schedule!!! Use it, girl! You got this!

    1. If I can figure out WHAT to do, I'll have it! I'm using you for some of that guidance... :)

  2. That is so me! I want to do it all and then I wonder why I am struggling!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. Isn't that the truth? Egad! Before you know it- half the year is over and I feel like I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I want! I am a huge fan of reader's workshop and it is so so so easy to use!! I look forward to hearing what you think about it. Thanks so much for your honest post.

    XO, Kelly Anne

  4. I applaud your administration for allowing you to have 2 hours dedicated to literacy. That's rare. Smiles and stop by anytime-I'm your newest follower.