Friday, July 18, 2014

Classroom peak

Happy  Friday-although, when on summer vacation, does a "Friday" really matter? Of course not!  Everyday is Friday! Or Saturday! (insert evil laugh)
Anyway, I popped into my classroom yesterday,  just to take a look, and start thinking about how I want to set things up this year.  I wasn't there long enough to do anything, but I did take some quick pics. So here they are.  {we leave a map of how we want our room set up after they clean our floors in the summer}

So, these are the bins I keep most of my books in. They are sorted by topic.

These are pics of my room from different angles.  Sorry the light stinks. My boards are from last year, but I'm going to stick with the same theme/look.  It was so bright and cheerful, I can't change it yet.

As much as the thought of going back to work freaks me out, I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you are doing in your rooms. I hope to get some new ideas!

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