Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's the weekend!!

Happy Saturday, friends! We have been doing a lot in class the last few weeks, so I wanted to show you what we've been up to.  I've mentioned before how I'm kinda struggling this year, and I'm all over the place, because I want to do a gabillion things at once!! Too much going on  in my head.  But, in the midst of all my chaos, I have gotten a few good lessons off.

So, one of the items I'm using this year, and TOTALLY LOVING, is Jivey's Mentor Text Sentences and her No Prep Reading and Writing lessons. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Can I just tell you how much I L.O.V.E. these?!!  A few weeks ago, I read My Rotten, Red-Headed Brother to the class. They really liked the story.  And some of them could certainly relate. After discussing the story, we talked about times that they had gotten hurt, and I passed out the writing activity. This is one example of a story in progress. How cute is this worksheet?

I was just happy to see punctuation!!

In math, we are working on time. This past week, we worked on elapsed time, and will continue with that next week. Boy, is that a hard concept to get across to third graders!! Yikes! I've been using Blair Turner's Interactive Notebook Bundle for math, and I LOVE that, too! Here is a student in action, putting their clock together.

We've also been using our Chromebooks a lot. I am lucky that I get to house a cart in my room this year-woohoo! So, whenever they aren't being used, I get extra time to use them with my kids. (insert evil laugh here) So...I had the kids do a quick write about their weekend, just to practice creating a Google Doc. Not too bad, for a first try.

 Okay, I think I've probably bored you all, so I'll stop. I'm off to the Hollywood Bowl for the Sound of Music Sing-along!!  I'll tell you all about it later. Have a great weekend!

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