Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three crazy weeks

Oh my, hello friends...yes, I've been crazy busy, as have the rest of you, I'm sure. So my district has been back in class for 3 weeks already!!  And let me tell you, this is going to be ONE.TOUGH.YEAR.
This is what is happening: everyone knows that common core is all the rage. (except in some states who are not buying in) In California, we are the last ones to join the party (it seems). This summer, my district got a bunch of teachers together (no, I was NOT one of them) and labelled them "Learning Leaders" and "trained" them to train the rest of us in common core practices. They also had a group of teachers creating common core aligned curriculum for us to start using. Let me say this, the "training", I was told, was REALLY BAD.  The curriculum they were supposed to create was just going through our old curriculum that isn't CCSS aligned, and try to make it CCSS aligned. RIDICULOUS? Absolutely!  Fast forward to our first report day, and our big PD. WASTE.OF.MY.TIME!!!  (and everyone's)  The long and short of it is that what they created is a "resource" or "tool", but we don't have to use it. As long as we are teaching the CCSS standards, it doesn't matter what resources we use. Confusing? Yep. Frustrating? Heck yeah! But kinda exciting and pretty cool, too! I view this as my chance to use all the awesome products I bought on TpT from all my fav sellers/bloggers.  I'm on cloud 9, really.  But...I'm also confused because I read so many blogs, and I'm trying to do what I see other people doing, and I am ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE.  I need a week off to try to organize myself thoughts and figure out how I want my lessons to go.  I know-I did this to myself.  But I kinda idolize my fav teacher bloggers because it seems like you all know what you're doing, and I wish I did!  Aahhh....I love reading what's going on in your classrooms, and I will get my own groove going soon. I guess I just had to get my feelings out for my own sake.
Keep up the amazing jobs you all do! Because I'm going to keep stalking you and trying to do what you do.

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