Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Sunday!

Happy Easter, bloggy friends! I hope everyone had a glorious day! Here in SoCal, the weather was PERFECT! Low 80's, blue skies, sun shining.  A perfect start to Spring Break!  I have to say thanks to Miss T for tagging me last week, because I've gotten some new followers from tagging other awesome teachers.  I had no followers for a while, and it was kinda weird writing stuff to no one but myself. (sorta of like talking to  yourself with no one listening-creepy) However, I'm sure many people start off slowly, and you build speed as you go.  So, a big shout out to my new followers! And now that you're here, I have a reason to get better at this whole blogging thing! Yay!
I am going to say, enjoy spring break to those of you just starting, like myself, and have a great week back to those of you just ending.
Time for me to go relax for a while, and look for something to eat for dinner.

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  1. You are welcome :) Yes, sometimes it's slow but it'll build up! Oh before I forget, you should add your blog here:

    You'll probably pick up a few more followers that way :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher