Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Week: where do you teach?


I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again for their Teacher Week linky! Today, I'm going to tell show you where I teach, and give you pics of my classroom...

Student rules are posted on the front board. I'm hoping this year, with them up front, the kids will actually follow the rules! I'm also using Class Dojo for behavior. I'm liking how the noise motivates the kids to stop talking. Yay!!

In my room, the only place with outlets in the room is along the front wall. So, I had to put all my computers along that wall. I do like that when the kids are on the computers, their backs are to the rest of the class, so they can't get distracted.

I've never done math stations/centers before, but I'm going to try it this year. Yes, these are from the fabulous Amy Lemons. I'm so excited to use these!!

The most space for displaying writing is in the back of the room. Those sheets are from the amazing Jivey! I L.O.V.E. her mentor text sentences and No Prep reading and writing!

My attempt at a small group area. In front of this cabinet is my kidney table. I put up the wonderful Joanne's (Head over Heels for Teaching) Interactive Reading Tools.

My lovely library. 

Supplies for students if they need anything. This year, most kids brought all the things they need.

This is my really messy teacher desk. I don't sit at it often during the day, hence the reason for the mess. I put things on it all day, and then try to dig out when my kids leave.

These are my notebooks of many wonderful units that I purchased on TpT during the BTS sale a few weeks ago. I love, love, love them! I will be adding more notebooks soon.

So, there you go. Not the greatest pics, and they are on my blog from a few days ago, but this has more explanation. Now you know where I am during the day.

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